Thursday, 29 March 2012

Here comes the GoldMember...

So at the conclusion of SDB Round 2 of 2009, I bought this 1992 2-door Civic EH2 (local version of JDM's Honda EG) at a price of RM21,000.00.  It was Blue in color, with SOHC engine and bolt-on tiny turbo system.  The color was somewhat unusual locally, I have no idea what is is called.  Here's what it looked like the first day I brought it home.

So I drove this car around  with this color and this turbo engine for a while, like for about 3 months.  Didn't quite excite me though.

In the meantime, I race my EK again in SDB Round 3 in July of 2009.

With some friends at the pitt.

Here's the owner of the fast Civic Si, Mr Poji.

Busy traffic at the pitt exit.

View from the starting line, waiting for our turn to run.

Ok now it's my turn to race.

In the end, I ended up doing worse from the previous round.  The best time for this round was 15.879s.  Last time I managed to clock 15.735s.  It was high time to start transfering this engine into the GoldMember.

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